73 days, 10 hours since Mike Brown was killed.



The ultimate dad joke compilation




Ode to the Maggot

by Yusef Komunyakaa

Just got back from seeing him read at John Carroll in Cleveland.

He recited this poem from memory and I about died.

Yusef is just fucking wonderful and I don’t know what else to say.


Feliz cumpleaños, Happy Birthday a la Reina #CeliaCruz una guarachera que nunca será olvidada! #gracias por toda tu música y carisma! #Bday #celia #lareina #azuca #bembacolora #quimbara #cumpleanos #anniversary


Feliz cumpleaños, Happy Birthday a la Reina #CeliaCruz una guarachera que nunca será olvidada! #gracias por toda tu música y carisma! #Bday #celia #lareina #azuca #bembacolora #quimbara #cumpleanos #anniversary







I’m glad they didn’t turn Toph into some kind helpful old lady living in the woods. She’s still the Avatar-butt-kicking trash-talking greatest Earthbender in the World!

I love how Korra tries to hug Toph but Toph is just like “access denied.”

thank god she retained personality and didnt become their cliche of an old lady

I totally agree. I even think that Zuko had no personality as well, having one awkward line and never again showing any signs of personality. Even looking at Toph in the flashbacks, she seemed different. I think her isolating herself might have helped her connect with her old self again. 

Zuko’s awkwardness and speech pattern was still reminiscent to his season 3 development, somewhat but it was more than we got from katara, but her becoming gran gran could’ve been the intention



Hevya Sor - The Kurdish Red Crescent - has been recommended to me by two people (deeply involved in the different campaigns for Kurdistan) as the organisation to offer donations to, if you feel worried about where you money/other donations would go.

They are in desperate need of medications, in addition to money, and this link shows you what medication they need exactly(http://www.heyvasor.com/en/alikari/) Please keep this post circulating.




This is so true it’s not even funny.




This is so true it’s not even funny.







I love my First Lady

Can you please tell her to tell her husband to stop killing muslims? Thanks

literally all she does is try to make the country “healthy” by giving students shitty school lunches like please do something else and help your husband fix the economy! *goes awf*

Imma need y’all to learn how the United States Government works. You don’t have to like her or the president but learn that they do not makes the decisions, they really do not have very much power, the president does not have the power to just snap his fingers and make shit happen or change things. You have to have 2/3 vote from congress to take a shit, let alone do anything having to do with government. The entire government was set up to make sure that exact thing could never happen, that is why there are 3 branches and that little thing called checks and balances.

In fact let me just break this down for y’all right here. 

  • President has 2 OFFICIAL jobs, Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces, but he only controls a limited amount of the funding for those troops (enough for 90 to 120 days) to engage these troops in combat. He CANNOT just declare war. only congress can declare war. The second, Accountant over the Federal Budget. 
  • He also is responsible for creating and balancing the national budget, but everything has to be approved by congress with a 2/3 vote. 
  • He signs bills into law, can veto them as well, however congress can override his veto. 
  • He assigns judges to the Supreme court, with the senates approval. 
  • He assigns foreign ambassadors, with the senates approval. 
  • he creates his own cabinet for people to research into areas that he might not have the time to, these are the only people who do not have to get approval from senate
  • congress is made up of 535 people (100 senators 435 HoR) for any of them to come to 1 agreement has only happened once in the history of this country, and that was to go into WWII, and even that the house voted 434 to one (1st woman house of Representative she was from Maine too, she voted against WW1 and 2)  and the judicial branch can call anything unconstitutional and kill it as well. 

and if you think i’m lying you can literally google this shit in 2 seconds. 

That tea is delicious


"You will leave your home:
nothing will hold you.
You will wear dresses of gold; skins
of silver, copper and bronze.
The sky above you will shift in meaning
each time you think you understand.
You will spend a lifetime chipping away layers
of flesh. The shadow of your scales
will always remain. You will be marked
by sulphur and salt.
You will bathe endlessly in clear streams and fail
to rid yourself of that scent.
Your feet will never be your own.
Stone will be your path.
Storms will follow in your wake,
destroying all those who take you in.
You will desert your children
kill your lovers and devour their flesh.
You will love no one
but the wind and ache of your bones.
Neither will love you in return.
With age, your hair will grow matted and dull,
your skin will gape and hang in long folds,
your eyes will cease to shine.
But nothing will be enough.
The sea will never take you back."

Shara McCallum, “What The Oracle Said” (via contramonte)





CultureTRIBUTE: Elizabeth Peña (1961-2014)

Saddened to hear about the passing of Ms. Pena. The Cuban-American actress has been working in Hollywood for decades. Whether it was La Bamba, Jacob’s Ladder or Lone Star on the big screen; or L.A. Law, Resurrection Blvd and most recently Modern Family on the small screen, most viewers will recognize the her face. She’s had a long and solid career as a character actress. She will be missed. RIP.  IMDb Filmography here.

I remember her from Rush Hour. RIP

She played Sofia Vergara’s mom on Modern Family…

Nooooooo…She also did some voice work for Justice League.


Here’s a heads up, folks:

Yes, Marissa Alexander’s original 20-year sentence was overturned. However, she now faces 60 years. The gossip blogs sharing the “breaking news” about her 20-year sentence being overturned took a year-old article from ABC News and slapped a new date on it without publishing updated information. Here are two more updated articles about her case.



I’ve been seeing that Black Media Scoop article being shared and retweeted everywhere, so I didn’t want anyone else to fall prey to the hype. Please feel free to spread the word.



if you have graduated from college and are struggling to find a job/career

you need to contact the alumni affairs department and career services department at your alma mater

just because you graduated doesn’t mean their job is done

just because they have your money, doesn’t mean they don’t have to work for you

contact them, make connections with alumns in the area you’re interested in, set up informal interviews, find the mixers in your area, get help writing and reviewing your resume

schools get their rankings partially from how well their alumns do

many schools want to help you get great jobs because it makes them look better

if you’ve been stuck in one area, utilize these departments

it may open doors you never realized

and even if it doesn’t lead to a direct job, career advice from a reputable source is always helpful

I really needed to see this

Excellent advice, I didn’t even think of this.











This is THE BEST NEWS I have heard in a long time! Thank you Jesus!

Omg this is so wonderful!!!


Praise the Lord!!!!

Finally justice has been served

this is such good news!


A message from kenway

do you have any morel inks about what's happening in mexico? im part of a club at my school where we focus on international affairs and problems and id like to present something about it but i feel like i dont know enough yet


yes absolutely

What is happening in Mexico? 

  • How it began

On September 26, students our age (~19-22) were attacked by the local police and gangs in Iguala, Guerrero in Mexico. They were studying to become teachers at Escuela Normal Rural de Ayotzinapa. I have read many articles about how the students were in the town to ask for money to help pay tuition, to protest discrimination of rural school teachers, to travel to commemorate another student massacre of 1968, etc., so I am unsure of what is what here. But the students were on the buses and police blocked their way to get the students out. When they did, they opened fire on the students at once. Some students threw rocks back in self-defense, but the students were unarmed. Six people died and 17 were injured. Three students died, a taxi driver, a woman in a taxi, and a football player that was just 15 years old (x). The injured were taken away by an ambulance, local journalists came, etc but it was not over as more men came in plain clothes and rifles (x). These men are apart of Guerreros Unidos and work for the Beltran Leyva cartel. The students were forced into police vans and have since disappeared. 43 students are missing.

Some of the students escaped by hiding in nearby houses. One terrified student tried running away, but he was found later yet with his eyes gouged out and his face completely sliced away to the bone. A YOUNG MAN only 19 years old suffered through this. (As a warning, be aware that there are photos online and that while searching deep through articles and tags, they are present.) A survivor of the attack says this is “symbol of the cartel assassins” (x).

22 local policemen have been detained for suspicion of working with Guerreros Unidos. This is how authorities were then tipped on what has happened to some students. (x) (x)

  • The Mass Graves

~ More than a week later, on Saturday, authorities found mass graves nearby that has 28 burned remains with the tips (x). We fear that this may be some of the students. We won’t have DNA analysis to confirm anything for another two weeks, if not longer.


MORE mass graves were found yesterday, but it is still unknown about how many remains these graves have (x). 

UPDATE: Not all bodies in the graves belong to the students. (x) (x)

Keep in mind that the CITY MAYOR AND HIS WIFE are on the RUN. No one knows where they are. 

We still don’t understand the reason behind this violence. Why kidnap and kill these young men? There are several explanations online, but how do you explain something like this? One story is that the mayer’s wife was giving a speech that day and did not want to be disrupted by the students. Keep in mind that the wife is the head of the city’s family welfare department and also has family connections to cartels (x). There are other alternatives online, but I don’t know. I just don’t. 

  • You cannot be silent about what is happening in Mexico

You can’t. You just can’t. Social media has a big impact and this story has to spread. In the last 24 hours I have seen an incredible boost in coverage about Ayotzinapa.

On Wednesday, thousands protested the disappearance of the students in Mexico.



Amounting pressure is being put on the Mexican government to find the missing students. There is also added outrage and demand ‘to punish politicians linked to organized crime’. It is no shock when considering the police corruption and brutality in Mexico. As Mexico bleeds, we all bleed. 

Americans cannot ignore the violence of drug cartels and place it as just a problem in Mexico. There is too much innocent bloodshed. And because BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars are collected in the United States by Mexican drug cartels, it is a shared responsibility (x). CHILDREN ARE DYING. Do not skim over these articles, do not just read them and do nothing, you have to act and spread the information. Do not be silent. Please, please, please help and pay attention. 


TUMBLR TEXT POSTS (these have better information than I can explain)

If there any corrections that need to be included, please just add them in.